Starbucks’ Attorney Leaves Boardroom To Follow Musical Dreams

This former Starbucks’ attorney stopped at nothing to follow her dreams!

Paula Boggs is not only a Starbucks executive but also an Army Airborne veteran who decided to trade in her incredibly successful career with Starbucks to pursue her passion in music.

Paula started her career in ARMY ROTC in college, continuing on into the military and then law school, followed by a successful career which ended in her last role as a Starbucks Executive. Although she left her career behind for her music, she still currently sits on the board of the public radio station KEXP, is a voting member of the National Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences (The Grammys©) and serves on the President’s Committee for the Arts and the Humanities.

The drastic shift to music happened after a family tragedy.

In July 2005, Paula’s sister-in-law Julie Boggs, who was married to her brother Dallas, was killed in an automobile accident leaving behind their two-year-old, Jada. Paula and her partner, Randee Fox, would subsequently become legal guardians of Jada.

After the accident she decided to pick up her guitar again and enroll in a course on songwriting. Having always loved music, the course brought her back to her passion and changed the course of her life.

After a little encouragement from her teacher, she knew she had to pursue her true passion in life and took early retirement from her successful career. That is when her life began with the Paula Boggs Band!

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