So Cute! Panda asks for hug to get down from tree!

Giant pandas have been on the endangered species list for a very, very long time, but most people have no idea how unique these bamboo-eating bears really are.

Panda bears are not just adorable fur balls who need our help to survive. Pandas are very lovable creatures who are a lot more like (some) humans than you’d expect.

This video shows us another side to the world’s favorite bear. Pandas sleep a lot more than most animals, so caretakers often have to push them to eat and drink. These bears can be extremely lazy, as you’re about to see.

This baby panda bear appears to be stuck in a tree. From the look of the situation, the cub probably could have gotten down on his own, but instead he wanted a big bear hug!

My heart melted when the cute cub held onto his caretaker so tight. What a sweetheart!

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