She Shows Her Husband A Hand-Written Sign. But What It Says? Heartbreaking!

McKenna had something she wanted to tell her husband, but she didn’t want to take the traditional route. The result is a creative, interpretive, and totally improvised performance for her husband, and luckily, we get to share this moment with them.

Each segment of her dance represents a different card she holds up, each with its own hand-written note. The music follows the story and goes from hopeful to heartbreaking to triumphant. The one that struck me most is the one that reveals the couple experienced a loss of pregnancy before.

This is how I told Sam we were expecting. He had no idea! Dance is the only way to express exactly what I want to say when words can’t do it justice. The choreography is all improvisation and I was so excited to get the end announcement that I couldn’t really concentrate on what I was doing! haha so don’t judge…We couldn’t be more excited for our Baby Lynch!

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