Roomie Can Imitate 16 Famous Singers and You Won’t Be Able to Tell the Difference

If you close your eyes, you’d be forgiven for thinking it was Bruce Springsteen on the mic.

In fact, it’s YouTube star Roomie, who has imitated 16 singers for his latest video.

Roomie explained that sometimes it can take an hour to nail a singer’s voice, but other times, it can take “days of studying and practice.”

But generally, imitating singers comes naturally to him, he said.

“While practicing singing I’ve developed a good ear for voice characteristics, so that definitely helped a lot, but I would say I haven’t actually imitated other people’s voices more than about a year,” he said.

“It’s crazy really that I had such a skill I was never aware about. Makes you wonder what kind of skills everyone else out there have hidden inside of them.”

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