Rome police cook diner for elderly couple heard crying

It was just a regular summer night in Rome when police got an emergency call saying loud cries are coming from the elderly couple’s apartment.

When the officers arrived, they found a 94-year-old Michele and his 89-year-old wife Jole in tears. They weren’t crying because something bad happened, they cried because they were sad and lonely.


Instead of leaving when they found no evidence of a crime, the police officers showed compassion for the elderly couple in their time of need. They learned Jose and Michele are living together for more than 70 years and that sometimes, especially during summer months when their neighbors go away, they get very lonely.

The officers asked if they might look inside the kitchen pantry and then, upon finding some simple ingredients, offered to cook the couple a meal of pasta, butter and cheese.

“Nothing special,” the police department wrote in Italian on its Facebook page last week. “But with a precious ingredient: Their humanity.”

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