Below you will find links to products and books that we think will help you a lot on your self improvement journey.

We do collect affiliate commisions on any purchases made using the links below, but we only recommend products that we 100% endorse and use or have purchased ourselves!

Check out Scribd -the membership for readers! Reading or listening to audiobooks is one of the best tools to level up your skills and mindset. Scribd offers a huge range of titles for an extremely low monthly price compared to other services like Audible.

Use my link to sign up and you’ll get 60 days free:

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If you’re bored, just click the bored button.

The site sends you to random sites with fun ways to kill time. Some of them are hilarious.

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The Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

If I had to choose one personal development book to recommend to friends/family, this would be the one. It’s like the manual for living a better life in all areas, from mindset, to health, relationships, and finances. It’s presented clearly and with many memorable stories.

I reread this every few years as a refresher on the fundamentals of of living the life I define as a success.

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Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant (both by Robert Kiyosaki) together make up a foundational education on how different people think about money, how they get it, and what they do with it.

Honestly I think these are both must reads for everyone, ESPECIALLY great for teenagers and young adults.

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We absolutely love this bamboo safety razor!

It gives a really close shave, like a normal safety razor would, but the difference is the large, easy to grip handle. The handle is made of bamboo, which is comfortable to hold and manoeuvre. It’s also good for the environment.

2/3 of the Positive Atmosphere team are currently using this razor and really enjoying it – so we just had to share!

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