Rescued Chimp Thanks Her Savior With A Powerful Gesture

chimp Wounda

Dr. Jane Goodall is a well known primatologist who gained world fame as the foremost expert on chimpanzees.

Way back in 1977, she founded the Jane Goodall Institute, an international wildlife and environment conservation organization located in the Republic of Congo, to help the primates she loves so dearly and they’ve been doing incredible work.

This is the story of chimp named Wounda, one of the hundreds of chimpanzees that live at Jane’s rehabilitation center in the Republic of Congo. Her name means “close to dying,” and it’ll soon become clear why.

When Wounda was found, she was barely alive and workers spent years helping her to recover. Thanks to the expert care provided at Tchimpounga, Wounda recovered and was recently relocated to Tchindzoulou Island, one of three islands that are part of the newly expanded sanctuary. Dr. Jane Goodall was on hand to witness Wounda’s emotional release, and now you can too.

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