LED Glowing Capture The Flag / Tag Team Game

Capture the flag game to get kids, teens and adults out of the house. It’s an active, adrenaline-pumping game ideal for team building, outdoor parties and summer fun. This set glows in the dark, making it super fun to play in the evenings.

  • ✔ A GLOWING LED TWIST TO THE CLASSIC GAME: The Glow-in-the-Dark Capture the Flag game by Sharper Image brings a fun twist to the classic outdoor game! Team up and get ready for a nighttime match!
  • ✔ TEAM BLUE VS TEAM GREEN: Team up for a two versus two game and try to capture the other team’s glow cube! Color coded bracelets distinguish team members, and colored jail zone markers and cubes establish team goals and territories!
  • ✔ READY TO PLAY OUT OF THE BOX: The set includes all necessary batteries so you can get started on a capture the flag match right out of the box!
  • ✔ ADD MORE SETS FOR MORE PLAYERS: Want to include more players? The sets are compatible with one another, so expand your teams with multiple sets!
  • ✔ PERFECT FOR NIGHTTIME PLAY: The glowing game pieces make nighttime play exciting and offer a new take on your standard capture-the-flag game!
LED Glowing Capture The Flag / Tag Team Game

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