ProTechTrader Make: Electronics Component Pack

A great tool kit to get the advanced engineer skills up to scratch for any young person.

  • Essential Electronic Components for Experiments 1 – 11 in the second edition of Make: Electronics by Charles Platt – **Updated 2018 Version Now Includes 50 additional basic electronic components for spares and replacements** – Make: Electronics 2nd Ed Book not Included
  • Over 150 pieces included covers all the new experiments in Chapters 1 & 2 in the latest Second Edition Learning by Discovery book in a Double-Sided Storage Carrying Case with over 30 compartments to keep your electronics organized – Configurable to hold your completed circuits as well.
  • Includes a solderless breadboard which is used for circuit prototyping and provides an excellent base for any beginner to learn basic electronics or any professional to build prototype circuits. These electronic kits have also become a popular choice for students and teachers and are being used in STEM programs. – Note: The zinc bracket & lemons for exp. 5 could not be included with the kits
  • Designed for the updated rewritten 2nd Ed update of Make: Electronics (2015 – Charles Platt) and also includes updates in 2018 for the latest components needed to match the most recent printings updates and corrections the author has made. We have worked with Charles Platt directly to get our components to match his experiments just the way he wanted. The ProTechTrader 3 pack set is the only electronics kits recommended by the author that have the components to cover all of the experiments.
  • Geared for beginners Make: Electronics 2nd Edition is the top educational book for students through professional adults wanting to learn basic electronics and circuit design. Check the promotions for discounts and save when buying all 3 kits together.
ProTechTrader Make: Electronics Component Pack

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