Magnetic Dart Board

Get your kids around a dart board to help them build relationships and have fun together, away from screens and electronic devices!

This dart board is magnetic and therefore totally safe. It will also help develop eye to hand co-ordination skills and can be fun for all the family.

  • THE TOP RATED MAGNETIC DART BOARD, if you’re looking for quality dart boards that are magnetic, you’ve found it. Ours very well made indoor darts game for the kids will also help develop their maths skills and play a safe dart game at the same time. you will not be disappointed with the quality of our dart board for kids
  • 2 MAGNETIC DARTS GAMES ON 1 KIDS DART BOARD, you can’t get this anywhere else, standard darts on the front, spin it around and play another safe dart game on the back, nothing like magnetic dart boards for kids that keep them occupied for hours
  • HIGHLY DURABLE INDOOR DART BOARD, our indoor darts game is really well made and comes with 2 sets of perfectly balanced, super strong neodymium magnetic darts for kids. kids darts for 5 and up
  • MAGNETIC DART BOARDS FOR KIDS HELP DEVELOP KIDS’ HAND-EYE COORDINATION, this is an old classic kids game. While they count and laugh, they’ll be developing important hand-eye coordination, how cool is that? extra or replacement darts can bedded to your purchase. Please see the promotion below.
  • OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU, at Giggle N Go, customer satisfaction is our number 1 priority. If you’re not 100% happy with our Magnetic Dart Game, please contact us through your order for a hassle-free refund… Replacement Darts can be added for a Discount. Please see SPECIAL PROMOTION below…
Magnetic Dart Board

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