GOOD CONVERSATIONS Question Cards and Topics

A handy little tin of question cards – to spark family-friendly conversations at any time!

  • How to play: The intent of this game is to facilitate a fun, focused conversation while engaging everyone in the group. Each participant takes a turn to give their answer to the same question card. You’ll get to hear everyone’s viewpoint and it could lead to even more interesting discussions on that topic.
  • There are 130 cards, each with a unique question or topic. The vintage-style tin is durable, compact and stores easily.
  • This game is family-friendly. Great for couples, youth groups, team building, classrooms, holiday parties, and reunions. Can be used at events like weddings by placing several cards on tables for guests to use as conversation starters.
  • This game helps build relationships by increasing communication and understanding of others.
  • The cards are a mix of light and deep types of topics. The host can also pre-select the question cards ahead of time, depending on how well the participants know each other.
GOOD CONVERSATIONS Question Cards and Topics

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