Conversation Starters: Fire Side Chats

These conversation starters from Walden are ideal for opening up and getting to know your friends and family. Ideal for winter get togethers or when sat around a warm fire.

  • STANDARD PLAYING CARDS – Walden Fire-Side Chats double as standard playing cards so that you and your family can enjoy all of your favorite card games!
  • CONVERSATION STARTERS – Fun and thought-provoking! One moment you’re rolling on the floor laughing and the next, you’re pondering the deepest mysteries of life
  • ALL AGES CARD GAME – Enjoy great conversation starters with friends and family of all ages
  • 4 WAYS TO PLAY – With 4 different ways to get all your guests involved, there is surely an option that suits any group of any size
  • CAMPING GAMES- Bring the deck of cards on your next camping trip! The perfect camping accessories to help your family have fun around the fire
Conversation Starters: Fire Side Chats

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