This Couple Converted A School Bus Into Their Dream Home

Why would anyone want to live in a school bus? Because when you live in a bus, you can live anywhere. And it’s affordable!

Few years ago Andrew and Julie decided it’s time to do some changes in their life. At that moment they knew only two things for sure – that they don’t feel like spending their life in Chicago and that they weren’t ready to buy a home that would lock them into one location for year. Soon idea was born and they bought – a bus! A real school bus, 1990 Bluebird that looked like it was well past its prime, but was in their price range and only four states away. What they did with it will make your jaw drop!

From Julie:
We didn’t choose this out of laziness, or to avoid hard work or responsibility. We chose this to improve the quality of the time we spend not at work, as well as save money. Significant amounts that would otherwise be blown on rent and utilities. We might look like hippies, but we’re hippies with a 401k.

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