This Officer’s Message Is Going Viral And There’s A Good Reason Why

Every single day we can see at least one article talking about innocent people getting hurt by law enforcement. With news like that it’s nothing uncommon that people are getting nervous about their interactions with police officers.

While there’s no doubt there really are some bad cops who shouldn’t be doing their jobs, we tend to forget that these are an exception and that most of the cops are not the ones we read about in newspapers. One young officer has proven that with his latest actions.

Tim McMillan was on duty when he saw a teen texting while driving and he pulled the boy over.

When he approached the car, he saw that the boy was visibly shaken and afraid for his life. Officer was devastated by boy’s reaction and he had to share his story on Facebook:

“I pulled a car over last night for texting and driving. When I went to talk to the driver, I found a young black male, who was looking at me like he was absolutely terrified with his hands up. He said, “What do you want me to do officer?” His voice was quivering. He was genuinely scared.
I just looked at him for a moment, because what I was seeing made me sad. I said, “I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
In which he replied, with his voice still shaking, “Do you want me to get out of the car.”
I said, “No, I don’t want you to text and drive. I don’t want you to get in a wreck. I want your mom to always have her baby boy. I want you to grow up and be somebody. I don’t even want to write you a ticket. Just please pay attention, and put the phone down. I just don’t want you to get hurt.”
I truly don’t even care who’s fault it is that young man was so scared to have a police officer at his window. Blame the media, blame bad cops, blame protestors, or Colin Kaepernick if you want. It doesn’t matter to me who’s to blame. I just wish somebody would fix it.”


He’s definitely proven that there are good police officers who are making the world better.

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