Nurse Who Treated Abused Twin Baby Girls Gives Them Forever Home

When Jess Hamm began her shift as a nurse, she never would have expected it to change her life forever.

14-month-old Delilah was being treated for non-accidental trauma at Wolfson Children’s Hospital. She was extremely underfed, had several broken bones, and a fractured skull. She was so weak she couldn’t even hold her own head up. Jess immediately knew her life was about to change.

“My heart was broken. I don’t want to cry. She was just so lifeless, but she still held onto my finger,” Jess told Fox News. “I was like ‘oh my gosh, I’m going to take her home.”

Jess soon found out baby girl has a twin sister who was treated in the same hospital. She didn’t think twice about adopting Caroline right along with Delilah and eventually brought the two girls home before formally adopting them.

Now Jess is sharing her story in the hopes that people will open up their hearts and homes to other children.

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