New Product Out Now: Famous Failures – The Game Of Persistence

We’re really excited to release the latest product in the Positive Atmosphere family: Famous Failures – The Game of Persistence.

Famous Failures Is a Personal Development Card Game That Teaches the Value of Persistence in a Fun and Challenging Way

Drawing from real life examples of our most popular celebrity successes, players learn about their setbacks, and become inspired to succeed themselves—so long as they have the courage to keep going!

Famous Failures is a fun, personal development card game from Positive Atmosphere that teaches life lessons from true biographical examples of famous, successful icons who experienced major failure along the way. The game tests your memory and strategy to the limit, while learning the importance of persistence and overcoming adversity. The game is available for purchase on Amazon and right here at

Famous Failures helps players understand that even the most famous and successful people are not immune to setbacks.

In all walks of life—whether setting out on an ambitious project or career path, or simply trying to live a fulfilling life—there are always unexpected problems that test our resolve and potentially cause major issues in our lives. Too often, people give up on themselves, believing they will never make it. To justify not taking action, there is a tendency to idolize famous people who have “made it”, thinking that they are just fortunate or “born with it”.

Famous Failures helps bust this myth, encouraging players learn about the catastrophic failures some of our biggest stars in music, film, business and politics—from Jay-Z, Richard Branson and Jack Ma, to Benjamin Franklin, Ellen Degeneres, and JK Rowling—while at the same time pushing their memory and strategy skills to the limit. The game is fun, exciting and engaging, and allows players to understand that setbacks are inevitable, and we need to develop the inner strength to persist, overcome those setbacks and achieve our goals. The game mechanics back this up—the whole way through you’re having entire sets of cards swiped from your possession and it’s your job to remember where they are then win them back! It can be mildly frustrating—making the game laugh-out-loud funny in places—and that’s where the persistence element comes in. It’s a great tool for friends, families, teachers, counsellors, therapists and youth workers to make self improvement fun and engaging.

“Sometimes we put our heroes on a pedestal, assuming that they have special talent or advantages, that success comes easily to them. The truth is, if you dig deeper into their stories, you will find failure, heartbreak, and years of under appreciated hard work. Famous Failures exists to let you enjoy playing a game with your friends, while learning the stories of people who persisted through failure to extraordinary success. Whatever your dreams and goals, I hope that these stories help inspire you at the times when you need it most.”

– Dan O’Donnell (Founder of Positive Atmosphere and Famous Failures)

“Very entertaining and easy to play. There are many different levels to this game’s overarching theme of personal development. First, you are using your memory in order to remember which cards each of the other players has (just like “go fish”). Second, each card has numerous facts about each famous person’s failures, so you can see how they overcame obstacles to their success. Lastly, and I think most importantly, playing the game encourages conversation about each of the “famous failures,” allowing you to realize that success is usually preceded by failure.”

– Rick P. (Amazon Customer)

Famous Failures is available to purchase now for just $14.95 (including free shipping in the US).

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