This Music Video About Senior Dogs Will Melt Your Heart!

Mr. Mo Project teamed up with singer/songwriters Dan Tillery and David G to write a happy and heartwarming song about senior dog adoption and HooplaHa-Only Good News was there to create a music video that will inspire dog lovers everywhere!

The Mr. Mo Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group started by Chris and Mariesa Hughes that has been responsible for saving countless shelter dogs nationwide since 2011. In honor of the life of their late and beloved senior dog Mr. Mo, the organization and the amazing Mr. Mo dog rescue community have saved over 200 senior dogs. As part of the program, the senior dogs’ medical and veterinary costs are covered for life while in their forever foster home, which averages $25,000 a month. The program currently has 92 senior dogs in foster homes.

Chris & Mariesa’s undeniable love for dogs led them to collaborate with singer/songwriter Dan Tillery and his producer Dave G. to tell the story of senior dogs and how they too need love, support, and a forever home!

Chris & Mariesa Hughes met Dan Tillery through SHOW YOUR SOFT SIDE, a public service campaign that was created to change the mindset of young people who all-too-often view the maiming and torturing of defenseless cats and dogs as a sign of “toughness” or “manhood.” The campaign’s message that compassion towards animals is a strength, not a weakness, is one that struck a chord with young and old alike. Today, Show Your Soft Side, Inc. uses its reach and resources to build a better world for animals and, in doing so, build better adults.

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