Small Kansas Town Gives Away Land

Finding a piece of land for your perfect home is costly and not something everyone can afford. For example, if you’d like to live in a bigger city like Boston, you will need minimum of $500,000 just for a basic piece of land. With all that unoccupied and unused land which is only making costs all around the world those prices are just crazy.

Town officials in the small Kansas community of Marquette know that all too well. The area has plenty of land laying there just waiting to be used for something, so they came up with an amazing idea – give the land away. For free!

There’s only one catch – all people who claim land have to build a house at least 1,000 square feet big.

The project started 10 years ago, and originally the town created 70 lots. About half of that  has been given away and 35 homes have been built. Today, 10 years later, this free land project is still alive and city leaders still get calls from people looking for a free land and are more than happy to help.

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