Humble Design Transforms Single Mom’s Home in Detroit

Little acts of kindness always make the most heartwarming stories. Not only they make people happy, they also remind us how grateful we should be to have a home, food, family and friends. This is one of those stories.

Tiffany Clarke is a single mother of two. She and her small family spent a year and a half living in homeless shelters and sleeping in her car. Eventually they got subsidized housing, but with no money they couldn’t afford to furnish their new home. The family spent multiple nights huddled together on the floor of their bare house.

Then things started to change – a local organization stepped in a gave them a little help. A Detroit-based volunteer organization, Humble Design came into this family’s life and changed it forever.

It touches my heart knowing that people like these volunteers are out there helping families who couldn’t even afford a basic things like bed.

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