Here’s What Happens When You Let Internet Plan Your Cross-Country Road Trip

Here’s a nice story:

Last summer Daniel Altman decided to quit his job and travel the country. After he posted his decision on Reddit he met Benson Quach, a guy who agreed to travel with him and be his cameraman. They didn’t really have a plan so they did the most logic thing to do – when you don’t know something or can’t make a decision, just ask the internet. They created  the “Internet Adventure Club,” a site where anyone on the Internet could send him “missions” they should complete. The response was great and soon Daniel and Benson received a total of 473 missions, everything from silly adventures to helping strangers all over the county.

The couple traveled 13,000 miles and completed 70 missions in 43 cities, all while surviving on junk food and the comfort of strangers’ couches.

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