He Caught A $1,000 Baseball. What His Family Does Next? Both Shocking AND Hilarious!

You just have to see this video below! It offers a whirlwind of emotions, starting with an urge to cry that quickly shifts into tears from laughing really, really hard!

Derek Jeter recently retired, but before he hung up his #2 jersey, he had an almost 20-year career as one of the New York Yankees’ most valuable players. Catching a ball graced by his hand or bat at any game during his career could snag the lucky recipient a nice chunk of change. So, catching a foul ball during one of his last games would be worth quite a pretty penny. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one dad at a game — he even caught the ball with one hand while holding one of his daughters! But then, Dad handed the prized ball to his other daughter, and what she did next made my jaw drop! What a ballsy gal!

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