There Is A Village Designed For Foxes And It’s Simply Amazing

foxes dreamworld

If you love foxes, then you’re in for a huge treat — because the place you’re about to virtually visit will be your new dreamworld.

In the mountains of Shiroishi, Japan lies Zao Fox Village. Here, nearly 100 foxes of six different types roam the grounds freely and enjoy customized structures, houses, and objects designed just for them. According to the Daily Mail, foxes are heralded in Japan, with many believing they have mystical powers, as well as others who believe they bring good luck as they descend from Inari Okami, the Shinto deity of fertility, prosperity, and rice. Oh, and they’re also fuzzy and adorable — to the point it’s hard to remember these are not typically domesticated animals!

To get to the fox village, visitors must travel 20–30 minutes by car or taxi from Shiroishi Station. Admission is approximately 1,000 Yen ($8.40 USD) for adults and 400 Yen ($3.35 USD) for children. In addition to the forested area there is also a petting zoo with other animals like miniature horses, goats, and rabbits. You can also feed the foxes! (Yes, please.)

So…who wants to plan a trip?

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