Family had no idea they are part of the wedding proposal

Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs may have turned his lens on a variety of subjects, but he never made a video about his girlfriend, Bethia De Groot.
When he decided to propose, Triggs knew a video was the answer. For their five-year anniversary, Triggs filmed their family and friends passing an imaginary item — he told them it was a necklace — to one another. Then he turned the footage into a proposal video.
“Nobody actually knew it was meant to be an engagement ring,” Triggs told HuffPost Weddings in an email. “It ended up being the perfect way to propose, because all of our family and friends were involved without them even knowing!”
Smiling parents, kids and even dogs are shown passing the item around while Triggs lip syncs to the song that inspired him to make the video: “The One I Love” by David Gray. He said Bethia had always liked that song.
“I was driving home one night listening to that song and all of a sudden this image of the video clip entered my mind and it seemed to flow really well so I started to produce it within a few weeks. ”
After three weeks of filming family and friends, many of whom Triggs said made special trips to his Melbourne residence just for two minutes of shooting, he proposed at a bed and breakfast about an hour outside the city. He said most people reacted with “oooohs” and “ahhhs” when he told them he’d popped the question.

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