Darla Shaw Shares Her Travel Stories

There is no doubt that 77-year-old Darla Shaw is an eccentric…and she is proud of that label. When she is not teaching as a full time college professor, She may be playing in her Kazoo and steel drum band… or attending her belly dancing class, or teaching Alzheimer awareness to middle school students, or traveling to Bhutan to help underprivileged kids!

In this brand new episode of a HooplaHa original series, The Wonderful World of Darla , Darla shares her travel stories. Darla has traveled to over 80 countries in her life. Her favorite place she has ever visited is Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. She has enjoyed her time in each, but there are 40 of those countries she has really made a difference in. She loves to volunteer, teach and somehow impact the lives she encounters.

“I’m providing a service for myself and the people where I travel,” Darla says. “When you volunteer you get more than you actually give.”

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