Dad Spends Nights Cleaning Toilets So Kids Can Accomplish 1 Thing He Never Did

It’s no secret that parents are akin to superheroes. Sixty-three-year-old Fred Vautour is no exception.

Having grown up in a broken home, Fred wanted to make sure he’d be able to support his kids and be there as a good father. So, rather than pursuing a career that was more lucrative, in 1994, he decided to become a custodian at Boston College — a job that would provide great benefits and that he could take pride in.

But Fred isn’t your average custodian. Rather, he works the graveyard shift from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. “You never really get used to working the night shift, you just adjust to it,” he says.

Despite his nonchalance about the work, Fred is staunchly dedicated to it. According to his son Michael, “He’s been there for 22 years and I think he’s only missed, like, three and a half days.”

And the father’s work ethic has quite literally paid off in an amount that’s hard to wrap your head around.

As an employee of Boston College, he gets tuition remission, meaning he has been able to send all five of his children to the prestigious school — completely free of charge.

According to Fred, that has saved him over $700,000 in educational fees.

All five kids graduated with degrees, with his eldest daughter going on to receive her master’s at the college. Considering they are all first-generation college students, it’s an especially moving accomplishment.

“The biggest thing I learned from him is just dedication… My dad never sleeps,” says his youngest child, Alicia.

“He is so passionate about work and being able to get us to be the best people we can be,” adds his eldest, Amy.

That is fatherly love at it’s absolute finest.

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