Crossfit Saved This Amputee’s Life, Brought Her To The Paralympics

Krystal Cantu doesn’t believe in the word ‘can’t.’ Sports and CrossFit saved her life and now is on a mission to inspire people with her inspirational story. What makes this athlete so amazing is that after a car accident in 2013, she lost one of her arms.

Originally from Texas, she was involved in sports and at the age of twenty-four she was living her dream life. She had a dream job, was healthy, in shape and starting a new relationship and started to get hooked on a new sport she found, CrossFit, which she didn’t know at the time, but it would save her life. On August 2nd of 2013, she was involved in a car accident that resulted in the amputation of her right arm above the elbow.

Thinking about CrossFit and getting back into shape helped Krystal get through what was to come. A surgery, the amputation of her arm and recovery from the loss. She stayed strong on the inside and out and pushed to learn to live a normal life very quickly. She got back to CrossFit a month after the accident and set new dreams with the new body she had. She has done just that!

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