Children help raise funds for service dog

If you ever start to lose faith in humanity, just remember of this group of kids from Indiana. They’ll make sure to restore your faith and fill you with pride.

These kids have a friend who was born with a rare form of epilepsy which is giving him quite a hard time. With seizures attacking him on almost daily basis Paul can’t be left alone and has to be constantly supervised. It was simple when he was little, but with growing up, Paul became more and more frustrated with a constant supervision.

His family encourages him to run and play like any other 11-year-old boy, he just has to do it under supervision.

“Everything we do is a quality of life versus what’s a danger for him and we pick his happiness, but it’ll be nice if we can pick his happiness and also his safety at the same time,” said Tricia Collins, Paul’s mom.

The way to have both of those things is by getting a seizure dog. The only problem is that this solution costs $22,000. It seemed out of reach, but the big goal didn’t scare off some little helpers.

“I just felt like I just wanted to help because that’s–$22,000 is a lot of money and they’re not going to get that just by not anyone helping them, so I tried to do what I could,” said Brennan Colman.

He’s Paul’s former classmate who stepped in and helped raise $500 at his school in Lawrenceburg. The generosity didn’t stop there.

“Our Girl Scout troop first heard about it we wanted to do something about it so we started thinking of ideas, coming up with solutions that we could possibly do to help,” said Grace Morrison, a Sunman-Dearborn Middle School student.

The troop turned to what they know best, cookies, and held a couple bake sales and organized a 5K called Paces and Paws 4 Paul. The Scouts raised more than $7,000.

The Collins were blown away by all the support.

“Little kids came with sweaty palms and opened up their hands and gave me change from their piggy banks. If you think kids aren’t amazing you’ve never met these kids because they’re making my son’s life better,” said Tricia.

“It made me feel a lot better. I thought I standed (sic) out a lot,” says Paul.

Acceptance and a little independence is all he wants. Here’s to hoping man’s best friend can deliver.

“All the sudden that impossible dream is becoming a reality,” said Adam.

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