Cats And Coffee Are The Purrfect Combination Of Love And Affection!

Cat cafés are popping up all over the United States, but this one is VERY unique. Based in Orlando, Florida, this Cat Café is both a cat adoption center and a coffee shop that donates all of its profits to charitable causes.

When founder Sandra Cagan was turning 50, she realized she wanted to do something that made a difference in the world. “Follow your bliss and make a difference in the world…with 20 years of property management experience and a life-long love of cats. This is something I could do,” says Sandra.

The Orlando Cat Café opened it doors in 2015 and found the perfect partner in Axum Coffee, a business that also opened for a reason. In fact, Axum is named after a city in Ethiopia where there is no fresh water, inadequate medical care, 1000’s of orphans on the streets, and 1000’s of beggars who are old, blind or physically impaired in some way. “They have a similar mission in life, they’re a very charitable company, and we clicked immediately,” says Sandra.

The Cat Café partners with Axum for their coffee and partners with the Animal League to get their kitties! This Florida-based no-kill shelter ensures the cats are up to date on their shots and vaccinations, are spayed or neutered, and micro chipped.

What’s extra special about the Cat Café is that the cats pick you! There are two cat adoption specialists who are always on hand to match the cats’ personalities with their potential owners in the hope of finding each cat a forever home!

The Cat Café is located in the Town Center at Cagan Crossings, 4 miles west of Disney’s Animal Kingdom and has had thousands of visitors and has helped over 80 cats get adopted!

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