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Blind Man’s Reaction To Seeing His Family Is Absolutely Beautiful

Our sight is one of those things we often take for granted and we often don’t realize how precious it really is. Gene Purdie was labeled legally blind 15 years ago. He was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease and his hopes of being able to see again were almost none. His family learned to live with […]

These Kaleidoscopic Masterpieces Are Invisible to the Naked Eye

Struck by the beauty and symmetry of diatoms, modern-day microscopist Klaus Kemp recently revived the Victorian art of diatom arrangement. In this short film by Matthew Killip, peer into the peculiar art form and witness a modern-day diatom master at work.

Meet Kuri – An Adorable Wandering Security Cam

Imagine if you had a cartoon character roaming your floors, watching your kids and telling them stories — that’s Kuri. Reporting from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Mashable introduced us to Kuri, who we fell in love with immediately. It’s basically a cat that you can control and at least pretends to […]