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Big Tough Guy Has the Most UNEXPECTED Sweet Voice! Wait For the Surprise at the End!

Travis Pratt has been hiding a special talent from the world for years! Beneath the tough guy exterior, is the most heavenly, angelic, beautiful opera voice!! Thanks to the prodding of his girlfriend, his secret is now out for the world to enjoy. ALSO – wait for the end for an AWESOME surprise!

Simon Cowell Made Fun of This Gospel Singer – Then Everyone is Blown Away

This is simply breathtaking… Prepare yourself for another Susan Boyle moment, this time a pastor is on the target seat. What you’re about to hear is a delightful piece that made the angels from heaven and earth sing!

Bridal Party Becomes Contender For Greatest Ever Wedding Flash Dance

The bride and her team of bridesmaids joined their handsome groomsmen on the floor for the better half of the song, before these fellas took over the dance floor and conquered it all on their own. And, if we’re being honest, these guys definitely have some moves.

Marching Band Puts On Epic Marvel Halftime Show

Ahh, ifootball season is finally here again. And with college football comes the marching band. Long gone are the days of boring halftime performances by the marching band. Now, fans and the Internet expect serious entertainment. And the Spartan Marching Band of Michigan State University has delivered with this epic Marvel performance. And the Avengers […]