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This Heartwarming Video Will Make You Weep With Joy

You’ve probably already seen more than few videos featuring people who can hear or see for the first time thanks to modern technology and medicine. Those videos are a perfect reminder of what a wonderful time we live in! And this is one of those videos, but a bit more special. Andrea Diaz got her […]

Meet Andy, Multiple Myeloma Survivor

Meet Andy, one truly inspiring, strong and brave man. Almost twenty years ago Andy lost his first wife to multiple myeloma. Twelve years later, Andy himself was struck by the same disease. His fight was long and hard, but he’s still here and has an amazing story to tell.

Seniors Recover Memories Through The Power Of Music

“When most of our experiences are behind us, it is the gift of looking back, remembering how life was, connecting us to how life can still feel, as long as we have the music.” Watch this 11Alive piece on the power of music, and how it’s improving the lives of seniors at A.G. Rhodes.

She Is Only 17 And Is Already Changing The World!

Having experienced her cousin battling breast cancer, Brittany Wenger decided to try and make difference. Brittany started researching about machine learning, and designed a cloud application that detects breast cancer correctly over 99% of the time. Brittany was the Grand Prize winner in the 2012 Google Science Fair for her medical app. Brittany is just […]

This Unique Method Of Treating Dementia Is Simply Amazing!

Meet Veronica McKee, an 88 year young woman who suffers from alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia. Veronica often sees her adult grandchildren as kids or babies and in those moments she is such a caring and happy grandma. That’s what made her children and grandchildren to try a doll therapy, very unique way to help people […]