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She Shows Her Husband A Hand-Written Sign. But What It Says? Heartbreaking!

McKenna had something she wanted to tell her husband, but she didn’t want to take the traditional route. The result is a creative, interpretive, and totally improvised performance for her husband, and luckily, we get to share this moment with them. Each segment of her dance represents a different card she holds up, each with […]

Homeless dad pays it forward in the best possible way

Just few months ago James Moss was randomly stopped by TV star Leon Logothetis on his #GoBeKind tour. James then shared his story of how it is to be a homeless single father of a beautiful toddler boy. Whole world was touched by his story and even more with his wonderful positive attitude which helped him get through all […]

Bishop Hezekiah Walker Creates A Gospel Flashmob In Downtown Atlanta

Bishop Walker, for those who haven’t heard the name, is the pastor of the Love Fellowship Tabernacle in Brooklyn, NY. He’s also a renowned gospel musician, who has made it his mission to spread beautiful music in support of his faith. You can watch his moving, spiritual take on the everyday flashmob, set in the […]

NYPD Officer Dances With Guy At NYC Gay Pride Parade

The NYPD has a pretty bad name online as there are countless controversies and online video featuring corrupt and abusive officers. This brand new video is a breath of fresh air. During this year’s LGBT Pride Parade in New York City one playful officer danced with a marcher to Michael Jackson’s Don’t Stop ‘Til You […]

We Are All Daniel Cui

After freshman goalie Daniel Cui became the scapegoat for a losing season, the whole high school rallied to defend him. More than 100 students changed their profile pictures to a photo of Cui making a save and with newfound confidence, Cui returned the next season to play the game of his life and lead his […]