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An Extremely Powerful & Moving Short Video Will Make You Consider Organ Donation

According to the National Kidney Foundation, over 17,000 kidney transplants took place in the United States alone in 2014, 11,570 of which came from deceased donors. Despite the seeming impressiveness of this number, there are still approximately 123,000 Americans waiting for life-saving organ transplants, with the median wait time being 3.6 years. In an attempt […]

Let’s spread some festive cheer. Send a Christmas card to Britain’s loneliest schoolboy!

Think your childhood was odd? I’m willing to bet it’s got nothing on this boy’s life. Meet Aron, the loneliest schoolboy ever. Aron lives on the tiny island of Out Skerries hundreds of miles off the coast of Scotland and is literally the only pupil at his school. It wasn’t always like that, but from this year, Aron is actually […]

Disabled Performers Form Cover Band to Raise Awareness

Are you in the mood to dance, let loose and listen to an awesome cover band? Check out The Advocates, a 12 person performance group from Stockton, CA. The Advocates, consisting of mentally disabled performers, have been making audiences dance, sing and boogie the night away to since 2007. The Advocates are spunky, fun, full […]