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Ping Pong Ball Trail Is Pretty Cool

It takes great skill and precision to make a ping pong ball do exactly what you want. It takes hours and hours of practice, and this guy apparently has plenty. The results are really cool! I can’t even imagine how much time and effort he put into this.

These Kaleidoscopic Masterpieces Are Invisible to the Naked Eye

Struck by the beauty and symmetry of diatoms, modern-day microscopist Klaus Kemp recently revived the Victorian art of diatom arrangement. In this short film by Matthew Killip, peer into the peculiar art form and witness a modern-day diatom master at work.

One Man 90’s A Cappella Medley

Times are changing, but for now, Generation Xers still rule the Internet. As a result, countless online videos, songs, and infographics seem to be obsessed with all things 90’s. A cappella cover singer whatisaviola is the latest the ride the 90’s karma train. He covers I’m Blue, Gangsta’s Paradise, and more in this 90’s a […]

The Knight’s Quest – Adorable Story Written By Six Year Old

The Scholastic Channel wondered a very important question. Can a six year old write a complete story? Six year old Scotty was up for the challenge and wrote this story, The Knight’s Quest. With help from Scholastic, Scotty’s story was animated into this adorable cartoon, which includes all of his original spelling.