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Spectacular Dog Tricks Across North America!

Hero, the adorable border collie was only 4 months old when he became famous winning the title of the “World’s Youngest Champion Trick Dog.” After numerous TV shows and performances in the home town, Hero and his human Sara decided it’s time for even greater adventure, a road trip all across America. See how much […]

This man quit his job and decided to spend 3 years on the road. His memories will leave you speechless!

Many people dream about it, but Walter Chang actually had the guts to do it. He made the decision six years ago to start saving up for the adventure of a lifetime. He made plans to take a three month break and travel to Asia. This idea slowly transitioned into a one year break, traveling to […]

World’s Best Trampoline Tricks Will Amaze You!

Trampolines aren’t only for kids anymore. The fun, bouncy device can be mastered like any other sport. Acrobatic gymnast Greg Roe specializes in the trampoline. Devin Supertramp had the chance to work with Greg and trampoline company EuroTramp to create this epic trampoline tricks video that is sure to amaze.