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Irish Dancers steal the show, at a wedding in Tipperary, Ireland

Two ladies stole the show by Irish Dancing at a wedding In Ireland… UNTIL they were joined on the dance floor by the BRIDE and GROOM… A video from the wedding of a former “Riverdance” pro has gone viral. The video filmed by the groom’s brother shows a full troupe of professional Irish dancers giving […]

When These 5 Mischievous Boys Took The Stage, No One Expected THIS!

Now here’s a video that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face! They spin, they dance, they act silly — you can tell they’re having so much fun up there, and I love to see how confident they are in front of their peers. It’s no surprise that Nigel, Dylan, Matt , Elias and […]

She Sets Up A Camera While Her Baby Sleeps. What She Captures Will Take Your Breath Away!

This talented and creative mom is a blogger, author, and illustrator who lives in Helsinki, Finland. As self-described storyteller who loves writing and creating ideas, she found inspiration one day while doing laundry. When her daughter Mila was only two weeks old, she says she had a vision for what Mila might have been dreaming […]

Oh my, this is so fantastic! What a heartwarming video..

Have you made your mother smile lately? For his whole life, Corey Wadden‘s mom has always been obsessed with an old Saab she could never afford. After searching for months, Corey found the 1973 Saab 99 EMS on Ebay, and after even more time, he was able to finally purchase the car. Surprising his mom […]

Girls family has no idea they are part of the wedding proposal.

Australian independent filmmaker Glenn Triggs may have turned his lens on a variety of subjects, but he never made a video about his girlfriend, Bethia De Groot. When he decided to propose, Triggs knew a video was the answer. For their five-year anniversary, Triggs filmed their family and friends passing an imaginary item – he […]

They Were Separated As Babies. 30 Years Later? They Beat Unthinkable Odds…

Lizzie Valverde, 35, and Katy Olson, 34, had never met before introducing one another in their creative writing class at Columbia University. Both women had been adopted by different families and were actively pursuing their long lost sister when they met. What they discovered after a series of questions was that not only did they […]

Mom Gave Her Up As A Baby. 47 Years Later, She Gets Mom’s Phone Number And Makes The Call.

As a child, Teresa was told her birth mother had loved her but couldn’t take care of her – which had left her with deep-rooted feelings of insecurity. But after a new law recently came into effect, Teresa, now married with two kids, was finally able to get her original birth certificate which included her […]

Marine is Reunited With Puppy He Saved While in Afghanistan.

Sgt. Jacob is on active-duty, a hero who continues to protect our freedoms and our lives. When he found Jax, only a puppy at the time, he knew he couldn’t leave him to fend for himself in the harsh and potentially dangerous streets of Bagram, Afghanistan. He had to save one more life before going […]

The Reasons Why Brothers Love Each Other

What’s your favorite thing about your brother? In honor of Brother’s Day, check out this video and find out what these three sets of brothers value the most about each other. Even though brotherly love creates a unique and irreplaceable bond, you don’t need to have a brother to understand the importance of laughter, love […]

What’s One Thing You Want to Say to Your Mom?

We love moms. Who doesn’t? Let’s face it, they make everything better. They intuitively know if you’re sad, hungry, or just need a hug. In honor of Mother’s Day, SoulPancake hit the streets to ask people about one thing they want their mom to know – even if it’s something they’ve never said to her […]

This Bear Found A Bale Of Hay In The Wilderness. What He Does? Adorable!

Play is an important part of life for any animal (and even for humans). No matter how big or how wild the animal, they still feel the need to take a few minutes out of their day to decompress and relaxation. Playing around is one of the best ways for them to achieve that. In […]

Couple Can’t Stop Laughing After Discovering Electrical Wiring Mix Up

Daniel Willey‘s sister and husband were doing some remodeling when they discovered a very ridiculous electrical wiring issue. For some reason, two switches power the same light. But instead of turning the light on and off when switched, the light just gets brighter. What’s even crazier is when they plug in a hair dryer, it […]

Funky Flight Attendant Is The Best flight attendant ever!

Everyone is getting their groove on to the new hit single Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Charlie Sierra‘s sister is a flight attendant, but she did more than just serve her guests on one flight. Before takeoff, she entertained the passengers with a quick dance to the catchy, funky song. Best flight […]

Best use of a 5-second YouTube ad I’ve ever seen.

From now on this is my favorite commercial! Besides Christmas commercials, of course. Insurance company GEICO has been famous for decades now for their unique and creative commercials. They have hit another home run with this latest online ad. Many ads on YouTube and other video services give you the chance to skip it after […]

She Tries A Difficult Yoga Pose. Now Watch What The Dog Does…Quite Awesome, Right?

This. Is. Hysterical! And he’s so proud of himself, the way he stares at her and holds the position in place. It’s incredible to watch him mentally match his mom’s legs to his own, while recognizing the difference between his left and right sides! I think I should add this to my dogs trick list!

Kansas City Police Officers Perform Electric Slide At Flash Mob

A flash mob broke out in the Westport entertainment district this afternoon as revelers celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. But this one started with dancing police officers! The police are on extra alert whenever a holiday like St. Patrick’s day roles around to make sure the festivities don’t go too far. But the Kansas City Police […]

Sometimes, The Best Prank Is When There Is No Prank – I Did Nothing To The Coffee Fake April Fools Prank

Everyone is paranoid around the first of April. It’s only natural. Realizing this, Jimmy Kimmel asked his fans to prank their friends and family by telling them “I didn’t do anything to the coffee” just as they took a sip. As expected they all freaked out after their realized it’s April first. But the prank […]

Fitness Exercise With Your Dog

Ever imagine working out with your little buddy at the gym or even at home? Now, let professional dog trainer Eric Ko introduces a new exercise routine that you could try out with your little furry friend. What more? End the routine with a kiss and start over again. One, Two, Three, Four and Kiss!!! […]

Distraction alert: Cat meows in water!

This super sweet cat have to be bath regularly and just as other cats is not happy with it. McLovin obviously knows baths are good for him since he’s not trying to avoid them, but that doesn’t stop him from protesting in the most adorable and funny way. Here’s a bit of background story from the […]