Blind Man’s Reaction To Seeing His Family Is Absolutely Beautiful

Our sight is one of those things we often take for granted and we often don’t realize how precious it really is.

Gene Purdie was labeled legally blind 15 years ago. He was diagnosed with Stargardt’s disease and his hopes of being able to see again were almost none.

His family learned to live with Gene’s disability, but he always longed to see his family at least one more time.

While watching The Rachael Ray Show one day, Joy, Gene’s wife saw a guest with a pair of special glasses called eSight. The demonstration that followed showed how the product was able to fix a woman’s vision. Right away, she set about contacting the show.

To her surprise, Rachael’s show responded! Not long after, Gene, Joy, and their family were set up to be featured on the show for their very own demonstration with the eSight glasses.

After years in the dark, Gene was finally able to see again. He was about to look at his son’s face for the very first time… and his reaction is priceless.

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