Better Me Print & Play

Better Me being played in a cafe in Thailand

We offer Better Me as a free print a play for those who can’t afford to purchase it, or just want to test the game.

Better Me can build bridges between people. Games open up conversations that otherwise may not come about, connecting you quickly with strangers and deepening relationships with friends and family. To play the free version, follow the steps below. (To purchase your own copy, go here).

  1. Go Here and click “I Want This” to get the files
  2. Print the GAME BOARD (that you got in Step 1)
  3. Print a PLAYER SHEET for Each Player (also from Step 1)
  4. Read and/or Print the RULES (from Step 1), you can also check out the demo video to get the general idea.(You can definitely play and have a great time without knowing all the rules, so don’t worry about it, the important thing is to just PLAY!)
  5. Print and cut the PAPER CARDS (from Step 1).
  6. Gather These Items:
    • dice (one or two, whichever you prefer, or use the online dice roller here)
    • a pen or pencil for each player
    • a player piece to represent each player on the board (coin, ring, stone, trinket etc.)
    • a one minute timer (many phones have a timer, here’s an online timer too)
  7. You’re ready to play, have a great time! You can share Your commitments and achievements and support others in our Facebook Group for Better Me Players.
  8. Better Me print and play being used “cards only” at Rest Fest.