“This is one of the most unique board games I have played and it allowed me to get to know total strangers on a deep level in a matter of minutes.”

Stephen Yeh / San Francisco, USA

IDEAL FOR ANY COaches or consultants

The essence of all Better Me games is a supportive, positive environment where people open up. This makes it an ideal environment for coaches, consultants, agents, therapists and many more professions to meet new people and be seen as a local leader.

no purchase is necessary

Although we welcome you to purchase the official version of our game, which offers a high level of quality and professionalism to your events, there is also a free print + play version for you to download.

Either way, you will have access to the cards, board and other necessary pieces to create your own local events and begin growing your network right away.

“After a couple minutes in the game I thought; ‘Wow, this is actually the real deal’. People I never met before where telling amazing stories, sharing what they are thankful for and what they wish to accomplish. Really inspiring!”

Bart Van Dam / Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Start hosting Better Me events to meet new people and grow your network.