Adopted Daughter Inspires Mom’s Clean Water Campaign

In 2008 Christine traveled to Ethiopia to adopt a little girl. When they arrived home, she found her new daughter drinking water from a puddle in their driveway. This raised a huge flag for Christine, realizing water used to be such a rarity to her.

Her new daughter inspired her to take up the cause providing education to females in Ethiopia, along with safe drinking water. To raise awareness she wrote a children’s book about water across the world. “A Thirst for Home” was recognized by the national book council as a notable social studies book in 2015.

They have since returned to their daughter’s birth village of Gimbichu and have fallen in love with this beautiful community. As a result she has committed to working with the people of Gimbichu, creating the ‘Gimbichu Project’ to create sustainable projects that support, improve and increase the availability of health care and education.

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