A Great Match: Brazilian Kids Learn English By Video Chatting With Elderly Americans

Across the world, the English language is a highly sought after social skill, one that most of us who grow up in a country where it is our native language take it for granted. It’s the most commonly studied second language in non-English speaking nations. It’s also a wonderful tool for understanding much of the global media, and for enabling yourself to find someone else that speaks your language in various part of the world.
Like most skills, the best way to fully develop it is to tangibly practice it as much as possible. Thanks to the incredible connection made by FCB Brasil and the CNA language school network, the opportunity to practice the English language regularly is becoming more widely available to Brazilian kids and teens. Through the Speaking Exchange project, Brazilian students are connected via internet video chat with English speaking Americans living in retirement homes -individuals that for the most part really value the opportunity to connect at this stage in their life.
FCB Brasil has put together this heartwarming video to show how incredible the connection has already been thus far.

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