102-Year-Old Gets Herself Arrested For Her Bucket List

Edie Simms is one remarkable lady with an unusual bucket list. Being 102 years old, she has had many experiences in her life. However, getting arrested isn’t one of them. Thanks to some officers in St. Louis, she was able to finally cross that off.

Edie spends her days creating items for the seniors in the Five Star Senior Center. She has already produced over 400 handmade scarves, eye glass cases, pot holders and similar items for them.

Last Friday, she made her usual delivery, but this time she was ferried to the center in the back of a St. Louis PD car.

“We’re more than happy to do these type of things,” said Sgt. John McLaughlin. “We love it and we get more out of it than the seniors do.”

And Edie couldn’t be happier.

“It`s a great world if you just open your eyes and look at it,” she said.

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